TOTSEINS (Goodbye)

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I fall into your,

cobweb of lies

A rich red rose was once I,

Played me like a


In a desperate attempt was I

with a constant dread

is now a wilted rose. 



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We always tend to touch each other

I don’t know if it’s craving for each other

I’m scared to let out the truth

I’m confused about my feelings for you

I still want to touch you

I want to be friends with you

I don’t want to grow old with you

I still want to kiss and caress you

I don’t want to cry for you

I still want you to be beside me

I don’t feel jealous when you look at other girls

I still don’t understand you

I don’t want to lose you at the same time

I still want you to hold my hand

I don’t want to stay with you for one more second

I still want you to change for me

I don’t want you to stay holed up in your four walls

Maybe my feelings for you are twisted

I still want the best for you


I see the same stars in the distance

The off-centre roof with the same old sky

Sounds and people are different

I walk the streets with curiosity plastered

The calm dead empty streets

The road doesn’t seem to end for a while

I want to let it all out

None to wipe my tears

I miss my old life

Maybe this is for the best




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I see you in the darkest hours of your life

I see you every time in my dense dreams 

I see you be nice and cheerful to the people around you

I see your smiling face on my phone screen night and day

I see you getting annoyed for some reason

I see you be innovative, kind, honest and loving all at the same time

I see you breathing in the next block from the blinds of my window

I see you kiss the woman you like

I see you marry the woman you love

I see you have a child now

I can see now that I have my regrets of life




Traipsing under the sun
The sun rays strokes my bare face
The dingy clothes on my body looks more appealing in the daylight
Looking at the concrete jungle before my eyes seems like a hundred centuries have passed to acquire such a novelty
The polluted air passes into me with ease
I look at different people sidling on the streets
There are fresh faces and lugubrious one’s too among the crowd
Money,love,lust and other emotions running through their minds
I came across a little kid crying for a candy,but a big smile came over his face when his mom bought him one
I pranced through various streets and saw many people with different expressions
I wonder what’s eating their rarely used brains
Maybe something’s going on with their heart as tears rolled down their thick cheeks,pretty cheeks,high cheeks,thick stubble
Its easy to pray and eat but the hardest part is to live
And once we are married, why do we get divorced? when the heaven entwined our red “love threads”
Is that a marketing defect or the customer’s are at fault?
The life we live is short and if the damage is done and then it is incorrigible
There are even consummate lives, I wonder if their lives goes easy with money flowing in?
Why there are people who calumniate others? Is that the easy way?
Everybody wants a easy going life but there should always be a lucre at their door steps
Taciturn people are up to the point and the loquacious people talk beyond the point
I thought the world was made to make people happy, but the biggest competition is how to exacerbate other’s lives
There are many fabulists in the world than many square shooters
Even if the whole group of people are noble, one fella is enough to corrupt the entity
The chain never ends and the future generation will also have these traits

Yay! Social Networks. Ugh! Social Networks.

These days everybody has their profiles set upon social networks, I don’t even have to say it louder. So you all have various friends and non-friends in your friends list. I have read about the same stuff going on in another blog. I see my friends stare at their computer screens and their smart phones all day and night. If they have boyfriends then BAM! they wouldn’t even look at you when your telling something to them and then they say “Come on, what were you saying exactly?” -__-
Facebook-what kind of pictures did you upload? did you look at her pictures? OH MY GOD! look at this status!! Is he serious?
Instagram- Do your pictures include erotic ones? *winks* where have you taken this?
Skype-strangers talk!! Some person texted me about showing her tits and booty to me. I was like WTF? I don’t even know her and I texted as “not interested”. And all I get is “Let me set up a camera for you. You’re such a good boy” I am a girl. Jeez! 
Gmail- Mails, Mails, Mails.
Tumbler, Pin-interest and etc etc!
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Everybody likes gaming. who doesn’t?. Every girl/guy has an XBoX, PSP-1,2,3 and I have lost count. The thing is when you play games online, you completely lose yourself into them and in the end you say “I just started playing the game and it is this late?!”. If you kill a gamer you’re like yeah! and if you get killed then there is a depression cloud hung right over your head :O