Singing octaves down the alley

From my heart

Deep down from my diaphragm

Through the throat

Coming out of my dry lips

Messages clattered within the tunes

Resonating with the sounds of my feelings

From my empty shell 

Loud and clear

You still can’t hear me

As I’m a pathetic chooser

But I decided that you can’t hear



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You are the one, I spread my arms for
You are the one, I love gazing at the stars under the same sky
You are the one, Who turned my little world upside down
You are the one, My cozy heart flutters for
You are the one, Who has shown what true passion is
You are the one, Whom I dream at the end of the day
You are the one, Whose face appears in the midst of my mind
You are the one, I seek for everything so selfishly
You are the one, Who made me feel very special in my own existence
You are the one, I would want to hold hands with
You are not my shooting star, you are the star that shines brightly way above my head
You are the one, I secretly confess to from the depths of my heart

Sun Grown Me

The way how sun shines on my face

The way you sweep me away off my feet

The way you carry me in your strong arms

The way the moon glows in the evening making everything look dull around it

The way the pretty stars hung so brightly in the dark night sky

The way my heart seems to shine when you’re around me

The way you tell I love you to me with those lovable lips

The way you breathe on the top of my head when we hug each other

The way you tuck a strand of my hair above my ear

The way you sulk like a puppy when the universe doesn’t side with our timing

Thanks for such a beautiful life

Maybe true love isn’t such a blatant lie