Singing octaves down the alley

From my heart

Deep down from my diaphragm

Through the throat

Coming out of my dry lips

Messages clattered within the tunes

Resonating with the sounds of my feelings

From my empty shell 

Loud and clear

You still can’t hear me

As I’m a pathetic chooser

But I decided that you can’t hear





Love was more wild and alive when you were adjacent

We’ve sent messages to each other

through day and night

The fabric of your letter draws me in

The words on it fires me up

Emotions filled with happiness and tears in unison

Seasons changed, so did the people

The clock never stopped ticking without you

in my proximity,

Slowly did the letters stopped coming

That’s when all the stars ceased

to comfort me,

I lost the touch of your skin

I crave for your voice

every single juncture of my life,

Time aged, so did I

Skin wrinkled, hair almost grey

Not a single word from you

The maple tree sowed with our love

started to grow out,

Our child out grew your height

And then I heard you passed away

in a tussle

My light turned dark.



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I see you in the darkest hours of your life

I see you every time in my dense dreams 

I see you be nice and cheerful to the people around you

I see your smiling face on my phone screen night and day

I see you getting annoyed for some reason

I see you be innovative, kind, honest and loving all at the same time

I see you breathing in the next block from the blinds of my window

I see you kiss the woman you like

I see you marry the woman you love

I see you have a child now

I can see now that I have my regrets of life




Look  at the way she is smiling


Look at the way she makes my heart flutter


Stay away from him!!

Look at the way she gets jealous for me


Look at the way she grinds her teeth


Look at the way she listens to my frustration filled words


Look at the way she hides her sorrow filled thoughts from me


Look at the way she carries a seed representing our love


And yet in the end, I could just look at her picture


But you were shining the brightest in the sky


Thank you for coming into my life.

I’ll follow you soon and we will reunite again.





You were left all alone during all the seasons

Growing up was like a sweet poison

Youth was all too gloomy and distant

Memories were too harsh to time travel

The same old four walls and the wooden chair were all I got

Not a single tender hand to reach my soul

My will to live turned to dust

My torment ended with the sunset

My ashes vanished into thin air