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Bleary eyes

Phantom days and nights

Endless walks

Worthless hard work

Fickle humans

Dreaded surroundings

Triumph heedless




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We always tend to touch each other

I don’t know if it’s craving for each other

I’m scared to let out the truth

I’m confused about my feelings for you

I still want to touch you

I want to be friends with you

I don’t want to grow old with you

I still want to kiss and caress you

I don’t want to cry for you

I still want you to be beside me

I don’t feel jealous when you look at other girls

I still don’t understand you

I don’t want to lose you at the same time

I still want you to hold my hand

I don’t want to stay with you for one more second

I still want you to change for me

I don’t want you to stay holed up in your four walls

Maybe my feelings for you are twisted

I still want the best for you




Love was more wild and alive when you were adjacent

We’ve sent messages to each other

through day and night

The fabric of your letter draws me in

The words on it fires me up

Emotions filled with happiness and tears in unison

Seasons changed, so did the people

The clock never stopped ticking without you

in my proximity,

Slowly did the letters stopped coming

That’s when all the stars ceased

to comfort me,

I lost the touch of your skin

I crave for your voice

every single juncture of my life,

Time aged, so did I

Skin wrinkled, hair almost grey

Not a single word from you

The maple tree sowed with our love

started to grow out,

Our child out grew your height

And then I heard you passed away

in a tussle

My light turned dark.




I wake up to the early sunrise

I have so many thoughts enveloped within my tiny skull

I can’t seem to walk in a straight line

My words seem wobbly throughout the conversation

My senses seem to be out of control

My interests seem to be engulfed by the void

I am willing to partake any job ahead

My heart is calling out to take a break from the world

My mind is about to fire neurons and drown itself in them

My eyes doesn’t seem to care a lot these days

But I still have a life to fulfil and it doesn’t seem to avoid me



World is a place full of wonders

It is a place full of dreadful events and wonderful events

Either way it is a place we all have to muster

Dream high, aim high, Creativity is the word

Should wake up from the deep slumber

For this is the time to make myself anew to the world

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There’s vodka on the table
The night is freezing
I see you sitting in the corner
The black silk dress wrapping around your body
Your full lips coloured with peach lipstick
I want them on mine
I approach you with lust in my eyes
Can’t take my eyes off you girl
You drink the wine from your glass never taking your eyes off me
I take your hand in mine and kiss your knuckles
Your smile touches your eyes
I want you in my arms
Ride me baby for now