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We always tend to touch each other

I don’t know if it’s craving for each other

I’m scared to let out the truth

I’m confused about my feelings for you

I still want to touch you

I want to be friends with you

I don’t want to grow old with you

I still want to kiss and caress you

I don’t want to cry for you

I still want you to be beside me

I don’t feel jealous when you look at other girls

I still don’t understand you

I don’t want to lose you at the same time

I still want you to hold my hand

I don’t want to stay with you for one more second

I still want you to change for me

I don’t want you to stay holed up in your four walls

Maybe my feelings for you are twisted

I still want the best for you





Love was more wild and alive when you were adjacent

We’ve sent messages to each other

through day and night

The fabric of your letter draws me in

The words on it fires me up

Emotions filled with happiness and tears in unison

Seasons changed, so did the people

The clock never stopped ticking without you

in my proximity,

Slowly did the letters stopped coming

That’s when all the stars ceased

to comfort me,

I lost the touch of your skin

I crave for your voice

every single juncture of my life,

Time aged, so did I

Skin wrinkled, hair almost grey

Not a single word from you

The maple tree sowed with our love

started to grow out,

Our child out grew your height

And then I heard you passed away

in a tussle

My light turned dark.



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I see you in the darkest hours of your life

I see you every time in my dense dreamsĀ 

I see you be nice and cheerful to the people around you

I see your smiling face on my phone screen night and day

I see you getting annoyed for some reason

I see you be innovative, kind, honest and loving all at the same time

I see you breathing in the next block from the blinds of my window

I see you kiss the woman you like

I see you marry the woman you love

I see you have a child now

I can see now that I have my regrets of life



Can I have your way?

May I have the fragments of your life?

Could I get the touch of your memories?

Would it make you happy if I stayed beside you?

Will I be able to touch you forever?

Won’t the scent of yours fade never?

Shall I be able to caress your cheeks?

Can I dive into your arms all over again?

Might I kiss your lips with love?

Can we blossom our lives together?

I will be the only one who will spend my eternity with you forever.
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I love Nicholas sparks. I have read The Last song and I’ve just completed reading A walk to remember! I loved every part of it and the plain Jamie and in the end the twist he gives us wrecks my hear. While I am reading his novel, My heart gets typically saddened when I read the sad parts of it. I love fiction, mysteries and mostly supernatural but I am turning slightly towards love and romance these days. I get to read these cool and awesome novels and eventually I think if this could happen in real lives? How could they cope and get out of it? We simply can’t shoo it away as it belongs to our heart. But these are truly are lovely and must read novels. I was moved to tears when Landon Carter proposes Jamie Sullivan and finally she walks down the aisle like a fragile flower and get married. I love the way it ends and in the end he says “Miracles do happen” he means these lines about the marriage right? And does he get married in the end?awtr-book 9780446547550
I am going to read his “A message in the bottle” next. *waves*