TOTSEINS (Goodbye)

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I fall into your,

cobweb of lies

A rich red rose was once I,

Played me like a


In a desperate attempt was I

with a constant dread

is now a wilted rose. 



Restless nights

Teary eyes

Running mascara

Scruffy hair

Joints cranking

Fingers frail

Migraines cluttered throughout my head

Rummaging my memory cells

Still nought

Yet I try to hold on

Work undone

Time widens the gap between me

Regrets still linger in the corner of my heart



I see the same stars in the distance

The off-centre roof with the same old sky

Sounds and people are different

I walk the streets with curiosity plastered

The calm dead empty streets

The road doesn’t seem to end for a while

I want to let it all out

None to wipe my tears

I miss my old life

Maybe this is for the best







You were left all alone during all the seasons

Growing up was like a sweet poison

Youth was all too gloomy and distant

Memories were too harsh to time travel

The same old four walls and the wooden chair were all I got

Not a single tender hand to reach my soul

My will to live turned to dust

My torment ended with the sunset

My ashes vanished into thin air