PPPPPP….LLLL Didn’t get the title :P

Be you who you truly wanna be not the one’s who expect you to be
The looks you get from the people are not really the one’s you sincerely expect to get
The accolades you hold are the one’s which you have achieved by your hard work not from the sweat of others
The loved ones who you hold very dear are the one’s who clearly stay in your lives from the depths of their hearts
The paths you have come across for a little while now have been teaching you the whole time
The contentious people are always present at every nook and cranny of life
The people who fuss and excoriate at others are the one’s who are seriously messed up
The imbroglio situations that we create at certain point of time are always meant to be remembered
We seem like a juggernaut for few people playing a role in our lives


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