I don’t get it, why there have to be any defence lawyers for the rapists?! I don’t really understand what part of the girl got raped brutally can’t they understand. Why the girl has to be blamed after such a heinous crime. There’s something disturbingly wrong about how they describe about the girls that they have to be stay put in the homes and shouldn’t walk out the door at 7:30,8:30. And the other defence lawyer says that “How could the girl go out with an unknown person in the night?” when they clearly stated that was her friend. Can we even acknowledge shit like male’s got a right and they are JUST in an enjoyment mode? and they fucking harass anybody they want?! and he says we have the courage so we do it by courage. This is outrageous, that convicted turd yet speaks that the girl should be silent and allow their hands to do her. I could never imagine “Nirbaya’s” pain at that vicious situation never in a million times. The barbaric acts of the men are deplorable and unspeakable acts.

protest against rape - PTI_1_0

Men are nothing without women. We also do have freedom. It is such gut wrenching that these happen every 20 minutes around India. WE HAVE TO PUT A FULLSTOP TO SUCH SACRILEGIOUS ACTS.


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