This is the topic I chose for that we all know that this has become a natural thing to most of the human beings, rather than animals who are crawling on earth without shame.
Why is there so much crime including rape? Can’t girls live happily without being afraid of the opposite sex. Why do many males harbour such devious thoughts of harassing a female sexually? After doing such a terrible thing, don’t they have a little bit of humanity left in them that why they have to do such a thing to their own kin for their stupid fetish, self-deprived pleasures. Many have been punished but yet they continue to do so. What about the other cases which have not been brought up to the limelight? There’s something naturally and artificially wrong with our society.

Then there’s bitchy eve teasing that would never shut up!!! This has been the case in every street,in every city, in every state,in every country. When the female goes for her daily work or just for a stroll to relax herself. There is no consideration of the age at all, they just wouldn’t stop spouting nonsense from their crappy mouths with their brain cells dead. Why the heck do they have to do this when their eyes wander around a female?. Never judge a women by her outfits you meat heads!! What if she wears a ‘V’ neck and has huge B’s, stop staring at her and making her uncomfy.

The sexual harassment victims are traumatized for the events that they have gone through. I really want this to stop. I never wanna see any flashing news about women getting raped around the globe. But oh wait! It doesn’t really stop does it? guess there is too much testosterone in the air. My soul shatters when these matters pop up. Yeah, I do hope sometime that this world wouldn’t be this rude. But like it or not, we have to wake up every morning and sleep every night in this tiresome world. God was the one who created the humans,well for starters, how about living happily together and have a happy ending. But no, that would be no fun would it?. I really hate to break this to you, that “happily ever after” is our only fantasy. But it still could happen if few of them would shake our hands instead of pulling our legs out.

I really think that, if these harassment on women issues increase, one day would come that would make the women to be misanthropic and liking asceticism more.

I really am willing to be an intrepid fighter for all the women who won’t find themselves into these kind of situations ever again (hope so). Are you one of the fighters?


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