I blink through the night                                                                                                                                                                           I walk spacing around for the light                                                                                                                                                     The winds knocks me down with its might

The thunders crackle giving me a fright
My red dress glowing in the dark

The fur beneath my feet looks livid
I shudder with heart in hands
The music starts to play from an up-beat box
Then there was a thin and a long figure standing 3 feet away from me
It started to dance with its skinny fragile fingers and long legs like a black tragic ballerina
I wince when it touches my chin with its black painted nails and says in a low gruff voice “Hello my dear, would you care for a dance?”
There’s a beam of light coming from the blinds of my window
The face of the figure was painted in red and white with two round bells hanging from its head
The eyes were of two small pits with an irregular nose and with the bare teeth that were hard to be enclosed in the two fleshy mounds
It takes my hand and we move across the room
My voice barely makes out through my mouth and I clench my teeth
It looks in my eyes and says “Don’t worry my dear, I am just your version of DARK”


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