I love Nicholas sparks. I have read The Last song and I’ve just completed reading A walk to remember! I loved every part of it and the plain Jamie and in the end the twist he gives us wrecks my hear. While I am reading his novel, My heart gets typically saddened when I read the sad parts of it. I love fiction, mysteries and mostly supernatural but I am turning slightly towards love and romance these days. I get to read these cool and awesome novels and eventually I think if this could happen in real lives? How could they cope and get out of it? We simply can’t shoo it away as it belongs to our heart. But these are truly are lovely and must read novels. I was moved to tears when Landon Carter proposes Jamie Sullivan and finally she walks down the aisle like a fragile flower and get married. I love the way it ends and in the end he says “Miracles do happen” he means these lines about the marriage right? And does he get married in the end?awtr-book 9780446547550
I am going to read his “A message in the bottle” next. *waves*


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