Fashion Redeemed

Do you like shoes? Oh wait, My bad! everybody does like ’em, what a stupid question to ask. Wouldn’t be better if we could just wish for a particular shoes and it would just appear in our closet without going through the meticulous payment sessions? (It’s a lazy dream. Never mind).
“I had enough heels, clothes, accessories in my wardrobe” said no woman ever (maybe grandmas above 70’s). I wouldn’t even be spouting that on my death bed. LEL
I love wearing heels. Women taller than 5’9 can’t wear tall heels, too bad for them. Wearing them does cause us few minor injuries like your Achilles tendon getting ripped and metatarsalgia and the pains we endure to look tall and hot. When people know about these parts, why go through the manufacturing and putting them online and getting glimpse of them will lead to the resist factor getting tampered and in the end they are attached to our feet!
High heel shoed can cause nerve and bone damage in women's feet
Should you guys be wearing them still? -___- your dads, boyfriends, husbands still be worried about you and I bet they had told you not to wear these. Do men like their women tall?



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