Yay! Social Networks. Ugh! Social Networks.

These days everybody has their profiles set upon social networks, I don’t even have to say it louder. So you all have various friends and non-friends in your friends list. I have read about the same stuff going on in another blog. I see my friends stare at their computer screens and their smart phones all day and night. If they have boyfriends then BAM! they wouldn’t even look at you when your telling something to them and then they say “Come on, what were you saying exactly?” -__-
Facebook-what kind of pictures did you upload? did you look at her pictures? OH MY GOD! look at this status!! Is he serious?
Instagram- Do your pictures include erotic ones? *winks* where have you taken this?
Skype-strangers talk!! Some person texted me about showing her tits and booty to me. I was like WTF? I don’t even know her and I texted as “not interested”. And all I get is “Let me set up a camera for you. You’re such a good boy” I am a girl. Jeez! 
Gmail- Mails, Mails, Mails.
Tumbler, Pin-interest and etc etc!
p18ra6jgvi1j40suo1et190a1rrb2 instagram-logo facebook-messenger-for-windows-comes-out-of-beta-273f6c2a44 gmail-logo
Everybody likes gaming. who doesn’t?. Every girl/guy has an XBoX, PSP-1,2,3 and I have lost count. The thing is when you play games online, you completely lose yourself into them and in the end you say “I just started playing the game and it is this late?!”. If you kill a gamer you’re like yeah! and if you get killed then there is a depression cloud hung right over your head :O


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