Sweet talk (Not just any)

I shoved my ego aside and acted on my friend’s whim and looked you up.

And you accepted it and there sways our conversation.

I don’t have to act like whom I am not.

I can be carefree, arrogant, maniac, ego-witch and act like a bitch any time whenever my Adrenaline kicks in.

You know that I can be imperious and rebellious at times, but you drink it all in.

You are not an non-entity in my life.

You are a sweet bliss that blossomed fully and is nurturing me now to bloom as well.

You are so nonchalant at all times.

I can confide my all within you without giving it a thought.

You started to stay beside me whether I like it or not.

I really am grateful for all of it.

To my present favourite person in the whole world 😀


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