Romantica Erotica

I am not really into this area but the librarian suggested me to read the book and I read it. As I was reading it, I got to know a ton of things and I was like Oh my god! And yeah I am talking about the famous dominant guy “Christian grey” and the submissive “Anastasia steele” in the fifty shades of grey trilogy.
So what did you guys think? Did you people like the novel? And there was a lot of kinky stuff going in those white pages. But damn that Christian grey is a dream man for every living girl/woman.
But Ana is a little odd ball at first (though it was unsightly) but when push comes to shove, she did change by adding a little bit of make up to her external features (thank god).
What’s with the non-disclosure agreement? duh! I don’t know why I felt embarrassed why he grabs Ana off her footing (the cyclist scene) and doesn’t kiss her in the end.
Eventually I got to Know about BDSM!! so do people actually do the stuff like flogging, spanking,vibration etc. If they do WHOA intense. Anyways I loved the books and few stupid analysists don’t know anything and keep spouting nonsense about this book. I really hate it when they do that -____-.
They were talking about taking this movie to the screens and Ian somerhalder was in the list and my heart did flutter at first but I didn’t wanted him to do all that stuff on live screen. He is my favourite, who can resist his looks except boys LOL. 425647_505914479421186_516715683_n
How are you guys today? ^_^



  1. I have not read the books, but I already know pretty much everything about it since people talk about it so much. I will say that it is a misinterpretation about what the Lifestyle really is about, especially since I am in the BDSM Lifestyle. These books and the movies are going to have women walking blindly into the traps of men waiting to take advantage of them, when they need to actually study and read about what a true BDSM Lifestyle relationship is.


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