Swaying around!! (I am a total geek)

Hi, I am a new blogger and I don’t know if I should be calling myself a new blogger yet. So I’ve read this book called “The fault in our stars” and this is actually an amazing book but it’s really not a heart warming story as the story revolves too much around the complications biased phenomenons which is the most crucial part of it.

Did you guys notice the intense meaning behind these tiny little words which could move huge boulders across your veins and arteries and it is hard not to be noticed. well, these are my favourite lines. And the way the female character doesn’t squirm or complain about her health!! is that even possible not to worry the way she is not hurting at all? The way talk about their life and the little things which come along their way and the tremendous things which don’t allow them to move by obstructing them!
I really liked the story 😀
The metaphors are truly extraordinary and astounding.


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